* Homeopathy in Chichester
West Sussex by Elaine Webb
Registered Homeopath.
* Homeopathic consultations
and treatment from a fully
qualified Homeopath.

The Practitioner
The Consultation

Elaine Webb BA(Hons) SDSHom RSHom
Registered Homeopath
West Sussex
Tel 01243 782432

** Patients' Comments **

	"I have been receiving homeopathy treatment from Elaine for a number of years.
	My problems have mainly been the result of enduring prolonged periods of stress
	due to family issues. I knew that I needed help to cope and falling apart wasn't
	an option! My work and family life were suffering. My whole body was showing
	signs of being under great strain. I enjoy my appointments with Elaine. She is
	always very professional and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to
	discuss my problems. She has built up a very accurate picture of my overall health
	physically and mentally. The remedies are individually prescribed for me and work
	in a very deep but subtle way, without the side effects of conventional medicine.
	They have definitely helped me cope.
	I have also suffered sleeping problems since childhood and Elaine has prescribed
	a remedy which has improved this greatly. If I occasionally have problems again,
	I take the same remedy  and this corrects my sleeping pattern  for  weeks  and
	sometimes months.
	I guess it's testament to Elaine's ability, that it's years since I last saw a GP.
	I will always try homeopathy first."
  	E. Female aged 49.

"When Ben was just 6 weeks old, he developed a deep and rattling cough with a very high temperature. I made an appointment with Elaine and also took him to the GP who was very concerned about the rattling sound of mucus on his chest and the indications of infection. Due to his young age, she was reluctant for him to have antibiotics and asked me to bring him back the following morning- or before if he got worse. Suitably terrified, I took him to see Elaine. She took a short medical history and spent some time looking at him and asking me how he (and I!) was. She prescribed a remedy to be taken immediately. I crushed the tablets between two spoons and put the powder on Ben's tongue. When we saw the GP the next morning, she was pleased to report no rattling on his chest and no indications of infection. He did not need antibiotics and although he had a mild cough for about a week, his chest stayed clear."
N. mother of Ben (6 weeks).

	'A homeopath's 'methods are the simplest, yet the hardest to maintain. When a
	remedy is indicated to her, she gives it. If the picture is unclear, she waits.
	In urgent cases, she acts swiftly and decisively. When the pace of disease is
	slow, she takes her time.'    Ian Watson  The Tao of Homeopathy

	'I had eczema for as long as I could remember and used cream which never really
	helped much.  At first, the pills Elaine gave me, didn't seem to do much but after
	my second appointment, the eczema started to change- it was pretty amazing! The
	patches started to go white and change shape. I had one more dose of the remedy
	and then the eczema went altogether. It took a few months but I think it was worth
	it because I never have eczema now and have really forgotten about it.'
	W. aged 18, student.

'Being able to talk about things was a relief...I do feel very much stronger and more able to cope with things.' The 'eczema has cleared up, so much so that we can't tell it was there in the first place!' 'The treatment I've had from Elaine has helped me with long term pain and also through very serious illness. Elaine has given me medicines to take before and after surgery and also to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The remedies have also supported me emotionally, at times of considerable stress. I've needed a lot of medical treatment but could go to see Elaine- or call her-during all of that- and have found my appointments uplifting and the remedies helpful. I feel that homeopathy has been a great help to me during my recent health problems.'
D. Female aged 59

	'The homeopath must maintain clear vision in order to do her best work. She has to
	see what others cannot see, and to notice afresh that which she has witnessed a
	hundred times. She must grasp the significance of the trivial. Nothing is meaningless
	to her.'   Ian Watson 'The Tao of Homeopath'

Please note: These comments do not represent evidence but the personal opinion of the patients I have treated.