* Homeopathic principle of
like curing like.
* Safe low dose remedies
without toxic side effects.
* Can Homeopathy help you?

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Elaine Webb BA(Hons) SDSHom RSHom
Registered Homeopath
West Sussex
Tel 01243 782432


	*  In 1786, the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, discovered and
	developed Homeopathy and it has been used effectively ever since.
	Some of the theories involved have a long and respected history,
	including the principle of 'like curing like' which was part of the 
	teachings of Hippocrates, the early Greek physician and 'father of 

* Hahnemann's work suggested that a substance that would ultimately cause certain disease symptoms in a healthy person, has the capacity to cure similar symptoms in an ill person. Like could cure like. Furthermore, he found against expectations, that the curative power of the medicines increased dramatically by diluting and vigorously shaking or 'succussing' the substances. Hahnemann's good work and results continued after his death.
* In later years, although still having many followers, Homeopathy took a back seat to the emergence of the orthodox medical system that we now know. Today however, with the limitations of some of the drugs and the side effects experienced by taking them, there is a renewed interest in Homeopathy with its gentle and effective way of treating many illnesses.
*Homeopathy regards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states as interrelated and is therefore, holistic in its nature and treatment. Its remedies (not to be confused with herbal) have not been found to interact with other medicines and so can be used alongside orthodox treatment if necessary. *In my practice, I see people with a wide range of diagnosed conditions, these include:- Joint disorders, skin conditions, asthma, allergies, headaches, children's physical and developmental disorders, hormonal conditions, depression, anxiety and other emotional states.