* Homeopathy in Chichester
West Sussex by Elaine Webb
Registered Homeopath.
* Homeopathic consultations
and treatment from a fully
qualified Homeopath.

The Practitioner
The Consultation

Elaine Webb BA(Hons) SDSHom RSHom
Registered Homeopath
West Sussex
Tel 01243 782432

*** Homeopathy for Children's Health ***

	During my years of practice, children with the following health
	issues, have come to my clinic:-

colic 'growing' pains nappyrash molluscum teething pains eczema cradle cap asthma croup bedwetting developmental delay digestive problems

acne headaches psoriasis migraine sore throats autism insomnia depression cold sores anxiety bone fractures other mental and nosebleeds emotional issues

Elaine Webb, Registered Homeopath. 01243 782432
e-mail me at: webbhom@yahoo.co.uk