* Homeopathy in Chichester
West Sussex by Elaine Webb
Registered Homeopath.
* Homeopathic consultations
and treatment from a fully
qualified Homeopath.

The Practitioner
The Consultation

Elaine Webb BA(Hons) SDSHom RSHom
Registered Homeopath
West Sussex
Tel 01243 782432

*** ECZEMA? ***

	HOMEOPATHY is popular for treating eczema, using remedies to work from 
	the 'inside out' and I'm regularly consulted for this distressing skin condition.

AT YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT we will discuss the nature of the condition, what makes it worse, or better, its initial cause if you know it, how it affects you, the impact it has on your life and other aspects that feel relevant to you. I will also collect information about your general health past and present. The remedy I prescribe for you will be based on your individual state of health.
A FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT will be advised for a month later to assess your response to the treatment. The treatment may not be a quick fix but you should expect to see a good improvement after several appointments, if not before.
THE AIM is to minimise the symptoms or clear the eczema completely, such that a 'top up' appointment at a six monthly interval, is all that is required and no treatment needed in between.

If you would like a free informal chat about how homeopathy may help you, please contact me:-

Elaine Webb, Registered Homeopath. 01243 782432
e-mail me at: webbhom@yahoo.co.uk

(This is for information only. In an emergency you should seek medical advice)