* Professional consultations
in a friendly and relaxed

The Practitioner
The Consultation

Elaine Webb BA(Hons) SDSHom RSHom
Registered Homeopath
West Sussex
Tel 01243 782432

The Consultation

	*  Your initial consultation will last up to 90 minutes and allows
	time to discuss all aspects of your health in a relaxed environment.
	We will talk about your physical symptoms and how they affect you, any
	mental and emotional stresses, your medical history and your general 
	well being. You will be encouraged to explain the nature of your 
	complaint on a personal level so that I can begin to build up an accurate 
	picture of your situation and have an understanding of you as an
	individual. All information disclosed is of course strictly confidential.

* The treatment is individually tailored to your particular state of health and your individual needs and determining the remedies that will most suit you is a skilled and sometimes complex process. For example, two people both being treated for migraine, may well be prescribed quite different medicines, according to the specific characteristics of their migraine and of themselves as individuals.
*The medicines are given in the form of tiny, tasteless pills. These are sucked or chewed and taken in very small quantity. All the medicines contain minuscule amounts of naturally occuring substances and are free from toxic side effects.
*In the case of a chronic condition, you may wish to return for a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks. This will last approximately 45 mins. In this time, we will assess your response to the first prescription and discuss any further treatment required.
*The overall time span needed for the treatment is as individual as the prescription and varies according to the severity and duration of the illness, the energy of the patient and causative factors. Any further appointments if required, are usually 4-6 weeks apart.
*During your treatment, I will not advise you to stop any medication prescribed by your doctor /hospital, without first consulting with them. Likewise, I may also advise medical consultation as appropriate. In any emergency situation, you should always seek medical attention.

* Fees:- (incl. remedies, sent, delivered or collected) First Appt: 55 -adult 45 -child/student Further Appt: 40 -adult 35 -child/student * Family discounts may be available (Please ask for Health Insurance details covering Homeopathy)
* Please feel free to ring me for an informal chat or to make an appointment. You are welcome to leave a message on the answerphone if necessary. Tel:- 01243 782432 * You may also contact me at:- webbhom@yahoo.co.uk